Gone Vegan

December 22, 2015


We are all about transformation and shifting one’s mindset. This week is no different. The kid has gone vegan and now his previously limited palette of very specific kiddie like foods has taken a turn for a plant-based adventure. For anyone with a very selective eater you know how bizarre this would feel if it happened literally overnight. We are ending week one of Liam’s veganism and today marks the start of my vegan transformation. I have been forced into it, sure, but I am down. The only struggle currently is the quest for a solid milk substitute for my very ingrained latte morning routine.

He is a zealot. Everyone else is immune to his forceful, pro-animal, pro-environment rhetoric but me. I am the only one going along on the vegan ride and I still get an earful every other moment about the ethical implications of animal derived products with a reminder about the state of the California drought and global warming. I am a vegan, at this point, to support my kid. As time goes on, I may adopt all the reasons that sparked this change in my son but for now I am just a sympathetic mom with an ability to shift my thinking when necessary.

Flash forward and I am now going on week two and it is far easier than I had anticipated. While I may not have the same motivation as my child, the ethical stance is undeniable. I am still in search of the best dairy substitutes and we are learning as we go along so that we may be thoughtful and healthy. We survived the holidays without issue, added some vegan multi vitamins into our day and have discovered a few really healthy, organic vegan meals that are tasty and easy to prepare. I am finding more joy in meal prep knowing that no animals have been harmed in order to fill our tummies. Veganism just may be the catalyst to get me interested in cooking and baking. Another unanticipated benefit to this new way of eating is the reduction in my sugar habit. Apparently, eating a vegan diet reduces my sweet tooth and generally makes me less hungry. I just hope we all don’t lose too much weight on our quest for clean, healthy eating.

Sutton is in on it too.  For Sutton, being vegan doesn’t affect much of his consumption as he was already a fan of many vegan meals and snacks with no interest in dairy. He has been enjoying nut milk since he was a baby and has had a primarily fruitarian diet for awhile now. The change to veganism should be even easier for Sutton as long as he keeps an open mind. Big brother will hardly let him go back to consuming animal derived products as Liam’s anxiety spikes if Sutton attempts to eat something other than vegan.

I am not sure if hubby will get on board any time soon. It causes a bit of a divide but we have a lot of clashing ideals so this just adds to the variety of our personalities. Daily life would likely be easier if we all shared the same lifestyle but each one of us is free to follow our own path whichever way it leads. My hope is that we all become vegan yogis who enjoy inner peace and continue to discover more ways to create happiness and sustainable joy.

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.
—Albert Schweitzer, French philosopher, physician, and musician (Nobel 1952)

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